The Story

Discover… the unique experience of wine

Wine is, and always will be, our passion. Yet, we don’t serve wine, we serve guests…and each guest is different. Therefore, our real passion is delivering unique and individual experiences of discovery. We feature a global selection, including some of the most sought-after wines across the United States and the world, and our knowledge of each is unparalleled in the industry.  However, our experiences are also quite localized. We feature wines from local, boutique, and small wineries in support of regional businesses, and love to tell the story of these unique selections to our guests.

From full pours to our tasting flights that allow people to try a variety of wines in relaxing and interactive settings, we treat our guests to the details and history of our wines, asking for opinions and thoughts from travelers, or just plain sharing great stories. This is what make us so unique and diverse. We enjoy authentic wine conversations that generate a connection with wine lovers or complete novices.

Discover… more than wine (a lot more!)

Listen, we know not everyone is a wine drinker. Admittedly, we don’t totally understand that (sorry…we just love wine that much!), but we get it. This is one of the many reasons we’re so excited about the new Vino Volo. Just as we’ve mastered wine, we’re taking the same level of dedication, knowledge and training and pouring it into an expanded beverage program that features craft beer and cocktails.

Attracting an even greater audience at the airport, this new direction will be hyper localized as we’ve already established relationships with local brewers and distilleries and are connecting with new ones as well. With special identifiers on our menus, the local flavors of the each region and state are always prominently showcased by our expert staff.

Vino Volo has always served delicious meals that pair well with any of the wines we serve. As our offerings and popularity continue to grow, we knew an expanded menu, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, was absolutely necessary. As always, our menus offer Vegetarians and Vegans options, and gluten-free selections as well.